Yikes! A speaking Chair!

You're the Chair, you write the introduction, they said. "I can't do that!" I cried. "Okay, write the afterword instead," they replied. I've not got this committee properly trained yet.

Well, here we are at the end of PR1. You will know by now that we have been successful in finding a new site after our sadly abortive negotiations with the Brighton Metropole. We are looking forward to holding an Eastercon in the Radisson Edwardian and will be bringing literature about it to future conventions so you can see for yourselves what it is like. I am eagerly anticipating the signings and programme items in the pool! The programme is shaping up with a mixture of the serious and the silly; the hotel is ideal for the workshops we want to make a feature of, and everyone seems to be happy - even the people who have resigned! Yes, we're two down already... Rhodri James (whose fault this is) had the good sense to ship out before the bid, and our publicity officer Alex McLintock has left but has been replaced by Graham Taylor - doing Pat's job of treasurer. Pat has been shunted into site liaison (taking over from me - hooray) leaving me to take the mantle of publicity. I was going to say that Steve Glover has not got a job, but he has just found one in Edinburgh. Bert has been abducted by aliens, and Jeanette has just discovered her long lost twin. Confused? You know it makes sense.

While we were drunk at the 'Tun and not running away screaming "No, no, we shall not run an Eastercon," we thought of using the name Vivisection. This would let us use wonderful slogans like "Vivisection - it's a cut above the rest," and advertise breakfast as being smoked bacon, smoked kippers and smoked beagles - but somewhere along the line we settled on Evolution. It seemed such an apt name, and filled us with enthusiasm for doing new things with the Eastercon. The trouble is that people use our name as a noun. Some recent fanzine discussion on conventions has said (paraphrased wildly) "I remember the good old days when cons were small and great. Now they're big and full of sheep-like morons being herded around and they're too expensive. Evolution - it's crap" - which of course it won't be! Now we'd like your money. If you are a full member, thank you for your money. If you are not, please send us some! This has been a public service announcement. Thank you for listening.

- Bridget Hardcastle