Pat McMurray: I'm 32 and I'm Irish, almost six feet tall, married to Rona - and two cats, Sophie and Silk. A graduate in Mathematics, I work in London as a salesman-cum-engineer.

I like animals, especially cats, and own a Mac named "Gimme Cookie!" I've been reading SF all my life starting with Heinlein, Fisk and Christopher - favourite authors today include Gene Wolfe, Iain (M) Banks, Mary Gentle, Frederik Pohl, Umberto Eco, Paul Leyner, Nevil Shute and Henry Treece. I have several thousand books and creaking shelves.

I like beer and vodka and will eat almost anything. I can survive long periods of time without too much sleep and I have a very silly sense of humour. My first convention ever was Helicon, Easter 1993, but even then I was working (hidden away in the Green Room). I'm also a regular drinker at the 'Tun in London, where coherence on my part is not guaranteed.