Simon's Web

Welcome to Simon's Web, a little oasis hung somewhere off the World Wide Web.

So who is Simon, and what has he left here?

Well, he's Simon Bisson, a freelance Internet writer, who worked for the UK Internet Magazine Online World, where he edited the "Neat Web Pages" section. Recently he's been writing for PC Plus and SFX. Recently he was rather amused to be interviewed for an article on the size of the Internet. Does this mean he's now a net luminary?

He also helps run science fiction conventions, as well as writing for fanzines and apas. Simon enjoys playing with funky graphics software - especially Adobe Photoshop and Kai's Powertools, and has used them and other neat toys (including a a Connectix Quickcam) to make the buttons and images scattered across these pages.

Simon's now got a new day job, but he'll let you find out about that one in due course. Just note the email address...

Simon's Web is where you'll find the interactive "Online World's Neat Web Pages", the Electronic PR for the 1996 UK National Sf Convention, "Evolution: The Next Step", and a selection of pieces written for UK fanzines and apas. You'll also find a selection of links leading you further up and further in...

New on Simon's Web:
Colin Greenland Online: A Passion For Lord Pierrot .
This is an original short story by one of Britain's best known science fiction writers, first printed in the anthology Zenith 2 .

You can mail Simon as

So come on in out of the cold, and take some time to explore

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