Evolution EPR 1

Welcome to Evolution and our first Electronic Progress Report! I'm glad to say we have plenty of progress to report to you, most importantly on the site - click here for those all important details.

Our committee has often been described as a mixture of experience and enthusiasm and we're certainly finding it a useful combination. We'd like to introduce ourselves to you and to tell you something about our Guests of Honour. We hope you'll find the work of Jack Cohen, Colin Greenland, Bryan Talbot and Vernor Vinge as exciting as we do. We'd also like to show you how our new hotel and guest are shaping that important part of an Eastercon, the programme.

Also in this EPR, you'll find some Evolution recipes, to prove the attempted Conspicuous Consumption spoof bid at Sou'Wester wrong - we have a deep and abiding interest in food! There's also a word or two from Bridget Hardcastle, our esteemed chair.

Like all conventions, we're looking for volunteers to help out. We need people in the following areas: almost everywhere (especially QuarkXPress-savvy DTP people). If you would like to help with transport, Ops, security, publicity or any of the many other tasks that an Eastercon brings in its wake, please contact us at the Evolution address.

We'll need to work out what we have to do as well as who we have to do it with, so please be patient if we don't get back to you immediately - we will be in touch.

Similarly, if you have any good ideas about what you'd like to see at Evolution, we'd like to hear from you.

- Mary Branscombe
Publications Manager
- Simon Bisson